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August 8, 2023

How Technology Has Changed the Evolution of Asphalt Paving


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Technology plays a massive role in everyone's lives, and the current society continues to grow and evolve in how to do everyday tasks. From our phones and computers to transportation, retail shopping, and medicine, humans have used technology as a tool to make everything more accessible and convenient. Paving as an industry has done the same thing, and the way our roads, highways, parking lots, and driveways are paved has continued to change over the years.

With asphalt, most Jersey residents don't immediately consider how their contributions to society have benefited them as individuals or as entire communities. A parking lot, roadway, and asphalt driveway company in Haworth, NJ, are there to provide support through your paving journey. Those contractors are now utilizing new technology that has completely changed how installation, repairs, and maintenance are completed. Even asphalt mixture has advanced alongside grading technologies and slope options. Without tech and curious minds - the world would be at a standstill, and while some people push against the idea of moving forward, the world continues to spin around.

Site Preparation

Site prep is required on any major road or parking lot work with asphalt. Initially, any road paver would need to peek through site glass to survey. This is now an outdated way of doing things; although some companies or contractors may prefer what they are used to, others are moving on to bigger and better options. Using new technology or advances in any industry is meant to make your job easier and push for high productivity.

New laser technology can scan and pinpoint heights, even from long distances. This allows paving contractors to decipher grading and elevation to better plan drainage options easily. Lasers can be much more thorough than the human eye, and therefore, accuracy and precision are increased with this feature and tool.

Grade & Slope Controls

After any kind of necessary planning and preparation is completed, everything should also be appropriately mapped out. The laser technology can create a grid-like map to create a perfect design for the drainage system in the area. Before this, pavers didn't have access to the right tech to rely on to ensure grading and slope testing before the installation. Technology is supposed to be a tool, and indeed it is for asphalt paving companies across New Jersey! Motor graders can quickly design the paving layout, allowing full map pavers to follow to ensure a completely accurate, safe, and secure surface. Any human error instantly removes the equation, and this technology has upgraded pavements across America and enabled pavers support during asphalt installation.

Base Evaluations

What is underneath your pavement matters; soil can become too dry or too wet, and in either circumstance - it can cause cracking and damage to occur across the surface. Any object or property foundation can directly affect how supportive the surface layer is because many other components are lying under the surface that directly impact the foundation's security. The sub-base must be tested to support any asphalt structure adequately.

Previously, paving contractors would use a sub-base and lay that down before any asphalt paving, but without the proper testing, you can't confirm the structure's stability level. If you are dealing with any kind of base or sub-base that isn't stable, it can cause issues with the asphalt and leave commercial and residential clients with costly repairs on their hands. Nowadays, asphalt pavers can use density testing to determine the durability and stability of any base area, and this solidifies whether the project will move forward.

Undercutting & Other Repairs

When a base or asphalt area needs to be repaired, things like undercutting or resurfacing can be done to upgrade large pavement areas. This is something that most residents and business owners like to avoid because the project can be extensive and expensive. Repairs to any kind of pavement can start small and grow larger over time, resulting in significant repair needs, and asphalt companies are used to dealing with all sorts of projects. Still, when it comes to undercutting projects, traditionally, things weren't done the same as they currently are.

To undercut pavement, asphalt pavers must dig down at least two feet and fill the entire area again to establish the proper support within the base. This is not the most convenient way to solve the problem for anyone involved, and when this kind of project is necessary, it can take up a lot of time. Technology has evolved the way repairs are made to asphalt, and when pavers need to dig down, they now can use geo-grids which will only have to dig down about a foot or so to check the base and begin making a bridge beneath the surface!

General Maintenance

Maintenance is something that everyone commits to for their cars, homes, businesses, and even our own physical beings. Preventative maintenance allows you to keep up with the general appearance of your asphalt, increase the average lifespan, and maintain the structure's durability and overall stability. Asphalt was previously laid without any seal coating, repairs or crack filling, and general maintenance services. Now most paving companies will provide maintenance options with any installation service!

NVN Paving offers premium asphalt paving services in New Jersey, and as professional pavers, utilize all the advanced technology and general improvements made within the paving industry. NVN pavers provide modern solutions for any residential or commercial paving needs. You can access the most recent, reliable paving tech and superior surfaces by utilizing local, licensed pavers in your area. If you are looking for paving installation, repairs, or general maintenance, contact a company near you; they can guide you through any kind of paving problem and offer progress!


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