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October 12, 2023

Zorin OS 9 Vs 10

Zorin OS is a very pleasant Linux desktop that looks very Windowsy, especially in the live session, with flat elements and neon blue decorations. It is aimed at Windows converts, giving them a very familiar interface that they will be comfortable with. It competes with the likes of Mint and Ubuntu MATE on this front.

This version of the operating system is a solid improvement over its predecessor. It is more stable, which means that it works well and has a good range of applications installed. It also has improved hardware support, such as enabling more recent laptops to be used with this OS (via the installer).

The new version also introduces a number of improvements that make it better in many ways. This includes a cleaner look and feel to the software selection and the user interface. This has been achieved by using Gnome but tweaking it to suit the desktops style of this distribution.

It has the usual features of a modern operating system such as a web browser, media player, office suite, etc. It also has a nice collection of games. For example, the Premium edition of this operating system has a game manager that lets you easily install native Linux games as well as some popular ones from Steam and Lutris.

The OS also comes with the Uncomplicated Firewall which improves security. It supports NVIDIA, AMD and Intel graphics drivers and has gaming optimizations to deliver a great experience. It also has a night mode and blue light filter and a touchscreen optimized layout.