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October 14, 2023

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam Review

The Z-Edge T4 dual dash cam sits high up on the specs list with a large 4.0 inch touchscreen display, front and rear cameras that record in 1440p. It also includes a 32 GB SD card and parking feature too.

The touchscreen is highly responsive and easy to use, although you do have to get pretty close to it to see the screen clearly and change settings. This can be a bit of an issue when driving, as you need to lean across from the driver's seat to access the camera view.

One of the best features is the wide dynamic range on both cameras, which helps to keep images clear and crisp at night. This is a nice touch that is a feature that many dash cams lack, and it certainly makes a difference in the quality of the footage. The 155-degree angle lens is also larger than other dash cams we have tested, which means it captures more of the road and the surrounding area compared to competitors such as the AUKEY DR02.

A nice touch is the inclusion of a suction mount, rather than an adhesive mount, which is more convenient and less likely to damage your windshield. We are not so sold on the fact that the micro usb port is placed right under the camera stand though, as this can cause tangling of cables and potentially a short in the cable which could result in the camera not recording.