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October 12, 2023

You Are Installing Two New Hard Drives and Your Director Asks That They Be Put Into a RAID Solution

QTS: You are installing two new hard drives and your director asks that they be put into a raid solution that offers redundancy over performance. A:

RAID is a technology that combines multiple disk drives into one logical unit to increase speed and provide redundancy. There are several different types of RAID arrays, but the most popular ones include RAID 0 (striping) and RAID 1 (mirroring). RAID 0 increases read performance by striping data across multiple disks. However, if one disk fails, all of your data is lost. RAID 1 mirrors your data, which provides redundancy and increased storage capacity. It also slows down writes to the drives, but all of your data will be intact if a single drive fails.

You can use a hardware RAID adapter or a piece of software to create a RAID array. A hardware RAID adapter is a card that you install in your PCchassis and connect your hard drives to it. You can purchase these cards at most computer stores and online retailers. You will need a small, non-magnetic screwdriver to remove and replace the fastener that secures the adapter to your motherboard. You should also have a simple grounding strap available to reduce your risk of electrostatic shock when handling any exposed metal.

Before attempting to create a RAID array, back up your data in a safe location. This is important because any mistakes you make during the setup process may result in loss of data. You can create a backup using an image program such as Norton Ghost, Acronis True Imageor another program with bare metal restore capabilities.