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October 13, 2023

Yada Mirror Roadcam 1080p Review

Article about yada mirror roadcam 1080p

The $100 Yada dash cam makes a good first impression with its nice daytime 1080p/30fps video and operation in continuous, looped, or incident-sensing recording modes. It also provides a range of safety-minded features including G-sensor activated locking of 20 seconds of video and a parking mode. It's USB-centric (for power and mass storage) and offers a digital clock and date display for convenient viewing. It's a little flimsier than some other dash cams, and its night video isn't as bright or crisp, though it can be brightened during playback.

The yada dash cam easily mounts to your existing rear-view mirror for an obstruction-free view and clear imaging. This yada dash cam includes G-sensor technology, loop recording, parking & record mode, a 4.5" LCD screen, and more. The yada dash cam also helps to protect your vehicle from insurance fraud or other scams by capturing videos while driving and when parked with a wide 120@ angle view perspective.