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October 12, 2023

Yada 720p Roadcam Review

yada 720p roadcam review

Protect your car while you're driving and when it's parked with this Yada mirror dash cam. The 720p HD resolution offers ultra-clear viewing, while the 2-inch LCD lets you replay events for easy review. G-sensor activated technology automatically saves videos of break-in attempts or door dings, and the compact design mounts easily on your windshield without getting in your way.

In our yada 720p roadcam test, we found the camera to be very easy to set up and operate. It records very clear daytime video and works in continuous, looped, or incident-sensing modes. The camera also has a good feature that locks 20 seconds of video when the G-Sensor is triggered during an accident. The camera can be viewed and downloaded on your computer or other devices via USB, which is nice.

The camera does have a drawback: its night video is very dark. We tried brightening the footage on the camera's display to see if it would improve, but that didn't help much. It does have a button that can be used to manually adjust the exposure, but it's unlikely to be useful in most situations.

Overall, the yada 720p roadcam is an excellent value for its price. It does the basics very well, and its night video isn't a big issue for most people. If you're looking for a basic dash cam to add to your vehicle, the Yada 720p Roadcam is a great option.