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October 13, 2023

Yada 720p Mirror Roadcam Review

Articles About yada 720p mirror roadcam

Record your drives on this yada 720p mirror dash cam, which installs easily onto your rear-view mirror and doesn't obstruct your view. This yada 720p mirror dahcam includes G-Sensor technology and park & record mode to help protect your vehicle while you're away, and its 720p resolution captures your drive from an expansive 120@ wide-angle view perspective.

When this yada 720p car dash cam's G-Sensor is triggered during an accident, it locks the video file for 20 seconds. It also supports continuous loop recording to ensure you don't run out of space. The yada 720p mirror car camera's MicroSD card can hold up to 32GB of data, and when it gets full, the oldest files will be overwritten automatically.

In our tests, this yada 720p dashcam produced good daytime video and operated in continuous, looped, or incident-sensing mode. However, the night video it recorded was dark and didn't brighten up much during playback on a PC. In addition, the yada dash cam's mount isn't as sturdy as some of its competitors, and its $100 price tag puts it well below some of the best value options we've seen in our list of top-rated car dash cameras.