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October 12, 2023

Yada 1080p Roadcam Review

The yada 1080p roadcam review is a nice little camera with a digital clock and date display, G-sensor activation, loop recording, park and record mode and built-in Wi-Fi for Yada Drive app connectivity. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and is easy to use. Its standout features are its excellent daytime video and the parked/recording mode that provides peace of mind while parking your vehicle in public areas.

Our initial impression of this yada dash cam was that it was a good choice for those on a tight budget, offering nice daytime 1080p/30fps video and operating in continuous, looped or incident-sensing modes. However, our testing revealed that its night video was quite dark. Attempts to brighten it during playback on a PC were unsuccessful, so it's clear that this is not the camera for those who require top-notch night video. Moreover, it seemed to be a bit flimsier than the other cameras in this class and its mount is rather flimsy as well. Still, it's a nice little unit for the price.