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October 13, 2023

Yada 1080p Roadcam Brand New Dash Cam Reviews

Product Description

Keep an eye on your vehicle with the yada 1080p roadcam brand new dash cam. The camera is mounted to the windshield to help prevent insurance fraud and other scams by capturing important evidence on your drive. It features a 1080p Full HD resolution to ensure that license plates and surrounding areas are clearly visible. The camera also captures video footage at 30 frames per second and includes night vision recording for optimal viewing in any condition.

Aside from its impressive display quality the camera has other features that make it a great buy for your car or truck. It offers G-Sensor technology to automatically record dings and break-ins and a parking mode that saves the last 20 seconds before and after you shut the camera off. Its 2.3" LCD screen built-into the rearview mirror makes it easy for you to view and playback your recordings. It has a 110 degree wide-angle lens to cover all the area that you can see on the road and loop recording so your memory is never limited.

However, some users have reported issues with the device. The most common problem is that the last recorded file before the camera shuts off gets corrupted. The reason is that the camera uses the capacitor and lithium-ion battery to store data, but if it loses its power it can't shut down properly which corrupts the file. Some solutions to this problem include using a paper clip to hold the reset button down while plugging it back in, trying different settings or re-flashing the firmware.