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July 12, 2023

Wood Stove Reviews 2016

wood stove reviews 2016

Wood stoves can provide an efficient alternative to traditional heating methods that don't require as much homeowner involvement. Old timers near me swear that producing firewood yourself instead of purchasing it warms you three times over: once when cutting and splitting it; again when stacking and finally when burning.

1. Morso 1410

The Morso 1410 radiant stove is an efficient, classic radiant heater designed to quickly heat small rooms. Made of cast iron for durability and multi-fuel compatibility, the Morso 1410 can burn both wood and smokeless fuel efficiently; plus it is DEFRA approved for use in Smoke Controlled environments.

State of the art combustion technology such as its tertiary air supply guarantees harmful particles and gaseous waste is safely incinerated to meet stringent environmental regulations.

Morso wood burner range has received the Nordic Swan Eco label. Combining classic Danish flair with cutting-edge engineering expertise, this product was awarded this esteemed accolade.

2. Jotul 602

Jotul's 602 stove is an exceptional small wood burning unit, perfect for hunting cottages and other rooms where traditional wood stoves wouldn't fit.

This freestanding wood burning stove from Jotul is equipped with front and side loading convenience as well as their signature non-catalytic clean burn technology, made famous since 1940. With an iconic design dating back to 1940 and featuring Jotul's non-catalytic clean burn combustion technology. Also, featuring its cooking plate for extra functionality. EPA 2020 certified model, it makes an excellent addition for green home construction projects like passive homes.

3. Morso 1610

This radiant stove from Morso features the traditional squirrel relief on both sides for added charm, making it a good choice for cottages or city apartments looking for quick heating power in a compact cast iron wood burning stove. Plus, its viewing window makes this model even easier! Plus it boasts a great combustion system complete with air wash to keep its glass clean!

This stove has been approved by Defra for use in areas with smoke control requirements and meets both Ecodesign and Nordic Swan Ecolabel efficiency standards (which makes it exempt from Defra regulations). It comes equipped with riddling grate, ash tray and pan.

4. Morso 2210

This double-door cast iron stove is perfect for larger spaces, accommodating logs up to 40 cm long with ease. Featuring a simple design and large stay-clean glass panels, its aesthetic style complements both contemporary and traditional settings alike. Furthermore, it is one of the cleanest burning non-catalytic wood stoves on the market and even comes equipped with its own air intake for homes that require external combustion air for combustion. Lastly, soapstone or sandstone cladding options make this easy stove to operate and maintain!

5. Morso 2410

Morso stoves feature classic design that makes them suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings, featuring large stay-clean glass panels with superior airwash system to offer unobstructed view of fire. Made of cast iron for durability and certified by EPA to burn log lengths up to 30 inches long - making this cast iron model an excellent way to heat a larger area! Made in Denmark to ensure high quality product.

Locate a dealer near you to purchase this wood stove.

6. Morso 2412

The Morso 2412 multi-fuel wood stove is ideal for smaller homes and weekend cottages, boasting a large viewing window equipped with an air wash system to maintain clear views of the fire. Furthermore, this stove comes equipped with riddling grate and an ash pan making removal and cleaning simpler; furthermore it utilizes cutting edge combustion principles including tertiary air supply and meets stringent environmental standards - plus it comes equipped with squirrel side panels!

7. Morso 2414

Morso wood stoves are cast iron models designed for small homes or weekend cottages that use wood, briquettes or approved smokeless fuel as their heating source. Capable of heating an area up to 1000 sq ft with wood, briquettes or approved smokeless fuel it utilizes advanced combustion principles as well as superior airwash system to keep glass surface clear for unobstructed view of fire while remaining easy to use - this model comes complete with riddling grate and ash pan for convenient operation.

8. Morso 2416

Morso 2416 is an efficient closed combustion wood stove designed to bring European comfort, luxury and exceptional performance into any home, office, restaurant or hospitality establishment. Compatible with any type of wood and meeting stringent environmental standards.

This model features a long firebox designed to accommodate logs up to 18 inches in diameter and heat an area up to 1000sqft. Additionally, this unit comes complete with riddling grate, ash tray and pan for efficient combustion as well as an airwash system to keep glass clean for an unobstructed view of your fire.

9. Morso 2418

Scandinavian design influences can be found throughout this traditional cast iron stove with its large glass panel without interfering bars and its outstanding air wash system that keeps the viewing window clear so you can clearly view your flames. Rated at 5kW output, it makes this woodburning stove ideal for small to medium spaces including country cottages, town homes and apartments; additionally it meets environmental requirements of Nordic Swan Eco-Label certification; find your nearest Morso dealer to take advantage of professional advice and services while meeting Danish emission standards.

10. Morso 2420

The 2B Standard 2020 Morso wood stove dates back to 1930 and has been manufactured for more than 70 years in various versions. The current version incorporates cutting-edge combustion principles, tertiary air supply and meets stringent environmental requirements; designed for burning wood, briquettes and approved smokeless fuel (heating up to 1000 sqft), while featuring an airwash system to keep its glass panel clear for an uninterrupted view of the fire.