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October 14, 2023

Windows Vista April 11 2017 - Make the Switch

For anyone who still uses windows vista april 11 2017 the time has come to make the switch to a newer version of Microsoft's OS. The company is ending support for the much-maligned operating system on April 11, meaning that it will no longer release any new security or non-security updates. It will also stop providing free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates, according to a company blog post.

Initially launched in 2007, the Microsoft-owned operating system was supposed to be a big upgrade from the wildly popular Windows XP. However, it wasn't a hit, and Microsoft ultimately had to replace it with the much-improved Windows 7.

Although many of the features that came with Vista have been well-received over the years, it didn't live up to the massive hype that Microsoft tried to build around it. For example, it was criticized for constantly interrupting users' work rhythm with needless alerts and gobbling up CPU and RAM, even on high-end computers.

Some of the more notable features that Microsoft introduced with Vista included an updated graphical user interface with a visual style called Aero, Windows Search, and a redesigned networking, audio, print, and display sub-systems. It also had a peer-to-peer network file sharing feature that allowed computers to share files and media across the local network. In addition, it supported Windows Presentation Foundation, a framework that allows developers to create applications that use vector graphics hardware to render 3D computer graphics.