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October 12, 2023

Windows 10 Commercial With Baby and Hawke

With the launch of Windows 10 a week away, Microsoft is getting out the marketing machinery with a new commercial that uses adorable babies and actor Ethan Hawke to pitch the upgrade. The ad, voiced by Hawke, stars toddlers from around the world (including Morocco, Thailand, Iceland and England) exploring their natural environments. Then, they're told that when they grow up, they won't have to remember passwords or obsess over security. They'll thrive on a touchscreen environment, where every screen is meant to be touched and web pages are expected to be scribbled on. It's a vision of what life could be like without the rigmarole that comes with current Windows operating systems, and it's an approach similar to the one taken by Apple in its Mac ads, which show beautiful scenery and children using the computers.

The seven-second spot then gives a quick montage of features including the start menu, Edge browser and Cortana. It's a far cry from the sexy Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ads that have been used in past launches, which have featured lots of clicks and clacks, dancing cheerleaders and plenty of product shots. It's a more human, subtle approach to a product that Microsoft expects will change the world and perhaps even transform it.

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