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October 13, 2023

Why the Yada 1080p Roadcam Setup Has SD Card Issues

The yada 1080p roadcam setup made a good first impression in our dash cam reviews. It takes nice daytime 1080/30fps video, operates in continuous, looped or incident-sensing recording modes and has intuitive controls. However, it lacks GPS and the night video is poor. Its design is USB-centric: it’s powered via that port and attaches to your PC or other device as mass storage for easy offloading of videos without a microSD card reader.

It’s also not as compact and sleek as some of its competitors. It does include a windshield mount and 4 GB micro SD card, though. It’s an attractive camera that will blend in well with most vehicles.

Reason: SD Card Issues

There could be a problem with the yada 1080p dashcam’s SD card, formatting or not being compatible with the camera’s software. Try using a different SD card to see if the issue resolves itself.

Another potential cause of the issue is that your yada dash cam’s Wifi connection between it and your smartphone is having issues. To help resolve this you should close the app on your phone (even if it’s running in the background). Restart the camera and try reconnecting the WiFi connection.

Lastly, the buttons on your yada dash cam may be loose. To fix this you can use tape to prevent the camera from rattling around and you can try to press on the buttons harder. If that doesn’t work you can replace the button assemblies through a warranty exchange.