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October 13, 2023

Why Are My Craigslist Pictures Not Showing Android?

craigslist is one of the Internet's largest classified ad websites, with local sites for 700 cities in 70 countries. Its archaic site design eschews animation, banner ads and eye candy in favor of columns of plain text. Despite its lack of visual appeal, it is still a formidable competitor for eBay and Amazon in terms of online users seeking to buy or sell items and services. However, it has also become a magnet for scammers who use it to exploit people.

To avoid being fooled by a Craigslist post, take a few precautions when posting an advertisement with pictures. The first step is to decide what type of ad you wish to post and the appropriate category for it. Fill in the information or text required for that category, such as your zip code or location. You can also include your email address to receive emails when potential buyers respond to your listing.

You can add up to four pictures in your ad, which helps you stand out from other posters. Craigslist provides a simple upload tool that will let you attach the photos from your computer. If you choose to upload your pictures using the browser, make sure that the file size is under Craigslist's maximum limit. If the file is too large, the upload form may freeze or lag when you try to use it. You can fix this problem by resizing the image to a smaller size before you attempt to upload it.