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May 19, 2024

Who Made the Petrification Device in Dr Stone?

The petrification device was created by a group of machine aliens called Why-man. It is activated through a vocal command, and it can be used to petrify all life forms on the planet and beyond. The device is also known as the Medusa.

The device was first revealed in the Dr. Stone chapter titled “Who Made the Petrification Device?” It is a hyper-tech device that has the ability to petrify anything it touches. It can be activated with a simple voice command, and once it has been activated, it emits a beam of light that is capable of petrifying all living things within its radius. This petrification beam is able to petrify both soft and hard tissue, including skin and bones.

Once petrified, the body is preserved as a fossil by replacing all organic matter with minerals. This process is similar to how fossils are made in nature, and it is also how rock is formed. The petrification process also preserves all memory, allowing the victim to remember everything about their time in stone.

It has been speculated that the petrification device could be used as a weapon of mass destruction, and it may have killed the victims by triggering their internal organs to shut down. However, the device can also be used to petrify living creatures in order to help them, a method that is often used by veterinarians to treat animals.

Who is the main antagonist in dr stone

In the final arc of the Dr. Stone manga, Senku Ishigami comes face to face with the man responsible for the global petrification event. While it was previously believed that the device was a virus, Senku discovers that it is actually a super-high-tech machine alien weapon.

After discovering the truth, Senku tries to make a deal with Why-man to offer humanity suspended animation in exchange for more petrification devices. However, the deal was unsuccessful as the Why-man believed that humans prioritized life over its own existence. The Why-man also believes that the diamond batteries of the petrification devices are essential for its survival.

After the fight with Ibara, the team tries to get to Treasure Island aboard the Perseus. However, Moz breaks his promise to Senku and attacks the ship. After escaping, they find that the Why-man has taken control of the island. The team realizes that they need to find the device and destroy it. However, the device itself is still functional and has already begun to petrify the island. Despite this, the team decides to try and defeat the Why-man and his swarm of Medusa devices. To do this they need to use a powerful weapon called the Why-man Unit. The unit is a hyper-advanced petrification device that can transform into any form. Once it is destroyed, the Why-man will be unable to use its petrification weapon on any more living beings. In addition to this, the Why-man Unit will reveal information about why the planet was petrified in the first place.