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September 7, 2023

Who is Mila Antonova?

Mila Antonova is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and skilled bridge player who rose to media attention after she allegedly had an affair with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. According to reports, they met at a bridge tournament in 2010 and started dating that year before staying in contact until 2017, when Jeffrey Epstein revealed it through blackmailing Bill Gates using information about them both.

Mila Antonova hails from Russia. She has become well-known for her skills as a bridge player and for starting a club. Additionally, she has competed in multiple bridge tournaments and earned awards. Mila reportedly met billionaire Bill Gates at the North American Bridge Championship held in Washington D.C in 2009 - this encounter marked an important turning point in her life as it led her closer towards him and furthered their relationship.

Antonova was born at an unidentified educational institute in Russia before moving to the United States for further studies at an unknown university and graduating with a degree in software engineering and then starting work with a renowned software programming company. It remains unknown when and where her exact date of birth occurred, although she is estimated to be either late twenties or early thirties. She has reddish brown hair and brown eyes, although any details on siblings remain unknown. Upon completing high school education at one such institute in Russia she completed high school education at another unnamed educational institute before making her way over to America to further studies at another unnamed educational institute before finishing her education further at yet another unnamed educational institute a few months later receiving her degree in software engineering from yet another unnamed university while working at one renowned software programming company.

Antonova attempted to secure funding for her business venture BridgePlanet in 2013. Her efforts brought her in contact with financier Jeffrey Epstein who didn't fund it but instead provided funding towards attendance at software coding school. Unfortunately, however, Antonova found herself having to abandon it due to poor revenue growth.

Once her time at Stanford was up, she went on to work as a software developer and establish her own bridge club in San Francisco. Additionally, during this period she traveled abroad competing in bridge tournaments; during which time she is considered one of the premier female bridge players worldwide and has won several awards over time.

Antonova and Gates first began dating reportedly began their romance in 2010. They first met at the North American Bridge Championship in Washington DC before reconnecting at the 2010 National Bridge Tournament where reports indicate they began dating that year and continued until 2017 when Gates' aide, Jeffrey Epstein was said to have tried blackmailing Gates with information regarding their affair.

Current knowledge does not reveal whether Mila Antonova is married or single; as she never shares personal information online and keeps her social media accounts private, locating any details regarding her husband or family members can be challenging. Current available data shows she's in her thirties with reddish brown hair and brown eyes and no siblings to speak of; she does have a Twitter account but it hasn't posted since 2019 and no children.