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October 14, 2023

Which Way Do Corsair Fans Blow?

The way that you install your Corsair fans can have a major impact on their cooling and airflow performance. Proper fan direction is essential to help dissipate heat effectively and ensure your PC components remain at a safe operating temperature.

To determine which way a specific Corsair fan blows, first look at the direction indicators on the frame. These are usually small arrows on the sides of the fan, and whichever side they point towards indicates that’s the direction that air will flow toward the fan. If the arrows don’t exist on your particular model or you’re evaluating a fan that’s already installed in your case and you don’t want to uninstall it, a quick examination of the fan blades can tell you which direction they’re blowing in.

ML120 Pro Fans: Designed for high-performance cooling, these fans are equipped with magnetic levitation technology that reduces friction and noise, and the iCUE app makes it easy to control their speed and lighting. The iCUE software offers customizable fan settings that allow you to create and manage your ideal cooling configuration, including fan rotation.

You can also customize the RGB lighting on your Corsair iCUE fans to further enhance their appearance and your gaming experience. With a wide range of available colors and effects, you can choose the perfect match to suit your personal style and rig’s aesthetic. The iCUE software can also be used to set up fan profiles, so you can adjust the settings on your Corsair iCUE ELITE fans according to your needs.