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September 12, 2023

Which Partner is Always the First to Arrive and Last to Leave the Incident Site?

Which partner is often the first to arrive and last to leave the incident site?

When a disaster occurs, it is important that the medic team (public health and medical providers) arrives on time in order to save lives. They are responsible for conducting rescue operations and providing the necessary medical care to victims. They also ensure that the site of the disaster is free from hazards after the rescue operation has been completed and that the affected people are evacuated.

The first step in incident management is to declare an incident. Having a clear structure for communication and coordination before an incident occurs can help reduce chaos during a crisis. In this article, we share four large-scale incidents from Google and PagerDuty that illustrate how an incident can be declared effectively. By declaring an incident early, these teams were able to resolve the issues faster and more efficiently.