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September 12, 2023

Which of These is Not Part of a Consumer Profile?

Having a clear picture of your consumers can help you get creative with marketing messaging. That’s why leading brands put consumer insight in the driver seat to create meaningful, targeted communications for their target audience.

So, which of these is not part of a consumer profile?

A good consumer profile includes demographic information such as age, city or region of residence, gender, and race. It also considers socioeconomic factors like income, education, occupation, and neighborhood, as well as psychographics such as lifestyles, attitudes, and opinions. And it incorporates behavioral information such as product usage or levels of brand loyalty.

For example, if a survey shows that customers prefer to use Instagram rather than Twitter, you can focus your social media advertising there. Similarly, if a customer has returned products in the past, you may need to stop sending them offers for those items.

You can also use a consumer profile to help you select the appropriate marketing channels and ad formats. For instance, a profile may show that most of your customers watch network TV and are interested in sports. You can then tailor your television commercials to these preferences and improve response rates.

You can create and edit consumer profiles in the Explorer > Consumers view. You can also edit a consumer profile from the Messages tab in the Admin app (see Section 7.2.1, “Mapping Message Properties to Consumers”).