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September 12, 2023

Which of the Following is Not a Useful Vehicle Feature From a Security Perspective?

Many cars in the market are eqipped with the latest technologies and features to make driving smooth and keep the occupants securred. Some of these include power locks, lock on gas cap, and internal hood release lever. These are very useful car features from a security perspective as they prevent an unathorised person to gain access into the vehicle and use it for an attack or break in. However, some of the car/vehicle features like wifi capable cannot be used from a security perspective as it exposes the car to hacking and cybersecuruity risks.

The most useful car/vehicle feature from a security perspective is the Blind spot warning system that alerts you when another vehicle or person is in your blind spot. This is a very useful feature that helps you avoid accidents or collisions as most accidents happen due to drivers failing to notice someone/something behind or beside them. The blind spot warning system also allows you to change lanes with ease and confidence as it alerts you of any vehicles or people that might be on your side.

Another useful car/vehicle feature from the security perspective is the automatic emergency braking systems that automatically brakes the car when it senses that there’s a high probability of an oncoming collision. This is a very handy car safety feature that helps you avoid accident or injury especially when you’re in a hurry. You’ll likely see this feature offered as a standard more often in new cars moving forward.