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September 12, 2023

Where to Watch What Is a Woman Documentary

Where to Watch What Is a Woman Documentary

While watching the Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearing in 2022, conservative author and podcast host Matt Walsh asked one question that has become an internet meme: “What is the definition of a woman?” His documentary on the subject, titled What Is A Woman, is now available for streaming.

What Is A Woman is a fascinating and illuminating documentary that exposes the gender identity movement as morally corrupt, tyrannical, and harmful to society at large. In the film, Walsh questions numerous experts and activists on gender identity politics including sex change surgeons, pediatricians, and gender affirmation therapists as well as college professors in women’s studies and men’s studies and critics of the movement. The interviewees in the documentary are all quite engaging as Walsh does his best to deconstruct and dismantle their arguments.

However, because of the controversial nature of the movie as well as the fact that it pushes fundamental views on Trans identity which have been labeled as anti-transphobic and hate speech, many mainstream and left-wing platforms refuse to carry the film or place it behind a pay wall. As of this writing, however, the documentary is freely streaming on Twitter and The Daily Wire’s website for a limited window of time.

In order to stream the documentary, you will need a Twitter account with a valid password and a subscription to The Daily Wire which is currently $20 per month or $15 if billed annually. The site offers a Readers Pass which grants access to written articles as well as the All Access subscription which includes both video and audio content.