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September 12, 2023

Where to Watch the What Is A Woman Documentary

A few weeks ago, the controversial conservative commentator Matt Walsh created a documentary that went viral. It’s titled “What Is A Woman?”, and it explores the question of gender identity. It features interviews with doctors, psychologists, and transgender people.

The documentary has been criticized by some for its lack of empathy for transgender people, but it’s also been praised by others for its willingness to ask difficult questions. It has opened up a dialogue about gender issues that many people are afraid to discuss.

After the documentary hit the internet, Elon Musk spoke out in support of it and encouraged everyone to watch it. This helped the film gain more popularity, and it reached over 62 million views in 24 hours. In the wake of this, Twitter removed many restrictions on the video and allowed it to be shared widely.

The documentary is currently available to watch for free on the Daily Wire website. The Daily Wire is a conservative news media founded by Ben Shapiro, and it funded the production of the documentary. As a result, they have exclusive rights to stream it online. You can subscribe to the website for their Reader’s Pass – which grants access to written articles – or for their All Access plan – which costs $20 per month. In addition, you can also purchase a one-month subscription for just $4. This will give you unlimited access to the documentary. This is a great deal for anyone who’s interested in seeing the documentary.