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February 8, 2023

What to Plant in Front of Boxwoods

what to plant in front of boxwoods

If you're looking to enhance the look of your boxwood hedges, there are some incredible plants that work well in front of them. These include thyme, rosemary, and other fragrant perennials. You can also add herbs and vegetables to the mix.

What to Plant in Front of Boxwoods

One of the most popular shrubs for landscape design, boxwood (Buxus spp.) thrives in both full and partial sunlight. They're also low-maintenance and come in a variety of shapes, making them ideal for adding visual interest to any garden.

They are perfect for planting in groups and lining pathways, or they can be used to frame the front of your home. They are a great option for landscapers who want a long-lasting, evergreen addition to their garden.

What to Plant in Front of Your Boxwood Hedge

If you have an abundance of boxwoods around your yard, it can be hard to keep them from looking unkempt. However, it is possible to hide bare spots underneath your boxwoods with the right plant combination.

You can also add color to the mix by planting flowering plants in front of your boxwoods. These plants will not only complement the boxwoods, but they'll also add some texture to your garden.

For example, try planting an array of lavender flowers alongside your boxwood hedges. These will not only look gorgeous, but they'll smell amazing as well!

Another great plant to add in front of your boxwoods is foxglove. This is an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance perennial that produces purple blooms. It's perfect for lining boxwood hedges and can even be planted in the corners of your garden for added drama.

What to Plant in Front of your Boxwoods

If you have a lot of space and want to make your boxwoods stand out from the rest of your landscaping, then it's important to choose plants that will help them stand out. You can use a variety of colors to do this, and it's also a good idea to choose some that will provide a different texture.

It's also a good idea to choose a plant that will be able to tolerate the harsh climate of your area. This will allow you to enjoy your boxwoods without worry.

What to Plant in Front of a Boxwood Shrub

The most common type of garden shrub, boxwoods are a great way to add some color and texture to your landscaping. They are a great choice for landscaping because they grow so quickly and can be shaped easily.

There are many types of boxwoods to choose from. Some of them are very fast-growing and can be pruned quite aggressively, while others take a bit more time to shape up.

These shrubs are also incredibly hardy and can withstand some serious cold weather. If you're worried about the effects of a severe winter, you can grow these plants in containers so you can bring them indoors until the weather improves.

You can also consider growing a few flowers in front of your boxwoods, but they will need to be paired with other types of perennials. Perennials are herbaceous plants that have specific bloom times, which means they die back to the ground in autumn. Then they'll return the following spring.