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June 30, 2024

What Is the Best Hearing Device For TV?

If you’re constantly turning up your TV’s volume or arguing with family members over the right level of volume, an assistive device may be the solution for you. From soundbars to personal speakers, hearing aids to neck loop systems, these devices can help make television listening easier and more enjoyable for anyone with difficulty.

Unlike most audio accessories that simply boost sounds to be more audible, these assistive devices are specifically designed to make speech and other audio on your TV clearer, especially when the background noise is high. They work by boosting the frequencies commonly used for dialogue and lowering the frequencies that tend to carry background noise. Depending on the type of hearing aid or cochlear implant (CI) you have, there are also a number of ways to stream TV audio directly to your device, making it even more convenient and effective to watch your favorite shows without having to worry about disturbing others in the room or cranking up the volume.

Some systems, like the popular TV Ears, are specifically acoustic headsets designed to help people with hearing loss. They use a small base unit with a transmitter you connect to the TV and a pair of horseshoe-shaped earpieces with a receiver that you place around your ears. These systems are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs and can be easily shared between family members.

Other systems, such as those from the worldwide market leader in hearing implant devices, Cochlear Ltd, are a bit more sophisticated. They’re essentially Bluetooth-enabled audio receivers that use induction to transmit TV sound straight to your hearing aid or cochlear implant. You can connect them to your existing headphones or a neck loop and listen to TV with crystal-clear clarity.

A soundbar is a horizontal speaker that can be placed above or below, to the left or right of your TV and can significantly improve the quality and amplification of your television’s audio compared to your regular television speakers. Some models, such as the ZVOX AV157 AccuVoice TV Speaker, utilize patent-pending technology that tries to mimic the way hearing aids enhance voice frequencies while reducing background noise.

The Jabra Enhance Select App, available on most Jabra Streamers and other Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, helps to balance your TV volume and background noise levels to ensure you can hear both, while keeping other people in the room comfortable as well.

If you have a CI or cochlear implant and are looking for an easy and effective way to enjoy your TV without having to constantly turn up the volume, a Streamer is your best bet. Streamers connect to your TV and then wirelessly link to your hearing aids, which turn into wireless headphones for an immersive and customized experience. They’re easy to set up and operate and are compatible with a wide range of modern TV models. They’re also compatible with other streaming sources, such as smartphones and tablets, so you can listen to music or take a phone call while watching TV.