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October 13, 2023

What is Dragon Notes En-US?

What is dragon notes en-us?

Dragon Notes is a free mobile app for Windows 8 that lets users quickly capture notes and ideas in meetings or on the go. It’s designed to replace sticky notes and paper lists for a more organized digital lifestyle. It’s also a handy way to share information via social media or email and search the Web.

The app takes full advantage of the Windows 8 touchscreen and tile interface — simply tap the app and speak to save a note, post a Facebook status or send an email, or even search the Web for recipes and other helpful content. It supports multiple voice profiles allowing different users to customize their speech to text experience, and it’s compatible with most microphones including the Nuance PowerMic 4, a USB mic/mouse combination that features simplified thumb control operation and programmable buttons.

This version of Dragon has advanced personalization and customization features so that it intelligently adapts to how you work for big productivity gains. For example, it learns to understand your industry-specific terminology and makes edits and commands fast and accurate. It also lets you create custom commands to help you short-cut repetitive processes, such as inserting your signature or standard clauses into documents.

Nuance’s broad portfolio of voice innovations continues to transform how people interact with their phones, tablets, computers, cars and more. The company’s technology is used by millions of customers worldwide to enhance their daily experiences with the world’s best brands, devices and services.