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September 12, 2023

What Is Considered A Legend Drug In Indiana?

A legend drug is a name given to any drug that can be used legally when prescribed by a medical professional. Some of these drugs are controlled narcotic substances and others are non-narcotic, but they all have the potential to be dangerous or even life-threatening when abused. It is illegal for anyone to produce, sell, purchase or possess legend drugs without an authentic prescription from a doctor or pharmacist. If you are found with any of these substances, you will face severe penalties in Jefferson Parish.

What Is Considered A Legend Drug In Indiana?

There are a wide variety of legend drug crimes. Some of these offenses are felony violations that carry significant jail time and fines. Some of these violations are lesser offenses and can be classified as misdemeanors. These offenses can be committed by drug users, physicians, pharmacists, or even those that are simply transporting these prescription pills.

Licensed practitioners, optometrists, dentists, and veterinarians may prescribe, administer, and dispense legend drugs within the scope of their practice. This includes the issuance of an oral or written prescription for a legend drug to treat a sexually transmitted disease in accordance with Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Partner Services Guidelines. Licensed doctors of veterinary medicine may personally prescribe, administer and dispense legend drugs in the course of their field-delivered therapy to treat communicable diseases in animals. They may also cause the administration and dispense of legend drugs by a nurse or a medical student or resident under their direction and supervision.