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September 12, 2023

What Is a Wraith?

In a nutshell, a wraith is an undead ghost that's pretty much the scariest version of the Grim Reaper. However, unlike the grim reaper who's all about bringing people to their death, wraiths are more interested in wreaking havoc and stealing the hope and will to live from everyone they can.

In Supernatural, wraiths are incredibly sinister creatures that are often associated with sorcerers and sorceresses who have tried to defy the laws of nature using black magic. These practitioners would be cursed to never reach the afterlife and instead forced to wander between dimensions for eternity. Their resulting loathing of every living human leads them to track down their victims, torment them and steal their will to live.

According to folklore, wraiths can appear in many different forms, depending on their personality and the cause of their untimely passing. For example, the wraith of a witch who uses black magic to control her victims and make them do everything she wants will have an evil personality.

Wraiths are also known to have a strong connection with the dead. This is why they're often used to tell when someone will die. According to the legend, if you see a shadowy figure with glowing eyes it's an indication that the person will soon pass away.

Another way a wraith can manifest itself is by appearing in the form of a ghostly twin. This ghostly double is known as a Doppelganger and it's believed that the appearance of a Doppelganger portends death. According to Supernatural, a wraith who has picked up a taste for psychics will often target them and attempt to feed on their brains. During one episode of the show, Sam and Dean come across a wraith who's been targeting psychics. The wraith, who's named Nurse Forman, has the ability to alter people's perceptions with her touch. The wraith tries to feed on Sam, but is stopped by Dean's stab with a silver weapon.