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September 12, 2023

What is a Woman Reddit?

What is a Woman Reddit

A woman is a human female. It's a very simple, straightforward thing. And yet the question "what is a woman?" keeps being asked by people who seem to be trying to undermine that simple, straightforward thing by collapsing gender and sex into a category they can control. This is most evident in the trailer for a new documentary by right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh, who has written children's books discouraging transgender kids from being transgender and campaigned against hospitals that provide transgender care.

He asks a bunch of people (politicians, pediatricians, therapists/psychologists, parents of transgender kids, etc) this very question. And the overwhelmingly-strong answer is that a woman is an adult human female. Then he goes to Kenya and interviews a tribe about their views on the gender binary.

Some people try to get more scientific with it and come up with elaborate definitions of a woman. They want to define it by boobs and vaginas, or by something more biological like 2 X chromosomes. But all of those things have problems. Boobs are problematic because, well, what if you have no boobs at all? Or if you have a very small set of boobs because of cancer or because you were pre-pubescent? And what if you can't give birth because of your uterus not developing properly in the first place?

And even if you could define the biological female, that would not be very useful. What's more useful is respecting each person's autonomy to determine their own gender, which should not be tied to sex in the way that the rigid gender tests attempt to do.