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June 3, 2024

What is a TY Bluetooth Device?

TY could refer to a Bluetooth device manufactured by TUYA [1]. The TY identifier also appears on some smart home devices, like lights and plugs. If you find a TY device in your phone’s list of connected Bluetooth devices, try restarting your network settings to refresh the connection and possibly remove it from your list. If that doesn’t work, you can reset your network settings to remove saved connections and start fresh.

In theory, someone could gain unauthorized access to your phone’s Bluetooth when it’s set to be “discoverable,” but it would require knowing that you’re using Bluetooth and then physically connecting to your phone without you noticing. This is unlikely since most modern Bluetooth devices require a pairing sequence to successfully connect.

Bluetooth is most commonly used for short-range applications, like computer peripherals and wireless headphones. However, it can be used to track objects for long distances — up to a kilometer (three-quarters of a mile). Ty uses Bluetooth 4.0, which operates at very low power and can operate for months on a single charge. Pairing a Ty disc to your phone takes seconds, and it’ll alert you the moment it moves even an inch. It’s great for tracking down that lost purse or keeping an eye on your keys when you’re out and about.