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September 12, 2023

What is a Pocket Rocket?

What is a pocket rocket?

Usually, when you hear the term “pocket rocket,” you’re thinking about a smaller sport bike motorcycle. These are typically in the 250cc range and have general sport bike styling. These are popular with beginners who want to get their motorbike experience and confidence without riding a bigger, more powerful bike. Pocket rockets are also popular among female riders for their lower size and handling characteristics.

This Cagllari mini pocket rocket is a high-performance, street legal sport bike that can easily outperform bikes twice its price. Its durable alloy construction and high torque, 2-stroke gas engine make it a favorite of many beginning and experienced sport bike riders.

The short and stubby outline is super loose rail to rail, with a 80’s inspired tucked edge style rail that allows for incredible speed control in speed turns. The high ground clearance gives you the ability to lean at extreme angles, giving this bike super agility and making it a favorite of all racers of all heights and ages.

Article originally published by The Poker Observer.