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September 12, 2023

What is a Pipe Bomb?

Pipe bombs are a common and very dangerous type of improvised explosive device (IED) used by terrorists. They consist of a section of steel water pipe filled with explosive material and closed at both ends. They are then fitted with end caps and a device to detonate the device. Pipe bombs can produce a large amount of shrapnel and are therefore highly lethal. The use of this IED is increasing worldwide, as details on how to construct the devices are readily available online and components can be obtained in hardware stores.

Unlike some other IEDs, which may be dismantled without risking accidental detonation, pipe bombs cannot be easily disarmed. Therefore, the typical method of dealing with them involves relocation to a remote area where the device can be safely detonated. This, however, does not eliminate the danger to human life.

In the case of the bombs left near the RNC and DNC offices on January 5, investigators have interviewed over 900 people and collected 39,000 video files, but have not been able to determine the suspect’s identity. In addition, the FBI has been unable to locate the materials used to make the pipe bombs.

This invention is designed to provide law enforcement agencies with a safe and effective method of disposing of a pipe bomb. The device is adapted to strike one of the end caps of a pipe bomb with sufficient force such that the end cap is displaced away from the pipe bomb and the contents of the pipe bomb are dispersed in the process.