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September 12, 2023

What is a Fae Trap?

A fae trap is a place where fairy folk can be found and where they will likely trap mortals. These traps are said to be easily triggered by shiny objects like jewelry or toys and will also include certain plants and even paths that lead nowhere. Typically a person will get trapped by these places when they are out for a walk and stumble into the trap without realizing it. Once a person is trapped it can cause them to dance forcefully until they die, be stuck in the fairy world or just disappear altogether.

Faeries are often seen as tricksters and bring nothing but bad luck to humans. Some faeries can even trap people in faerie rings and other magical traps that are located around certain trees or crossroads. There has been a growing obsession with these magical creatures lately and they have even influenced garden design trends, with many homeowners looking to add some magic to their outdoor spaces with fairy rings or other traps.

However, not all fae are good and some are dangerous. There are many stories of faeries attacking and abducting people, causing strokes or bruising when they pinch or hit people, or even trying to steal children. It is believed that these fae are enacting revenge on something they have seen or experienced in human lives. They can also be quite cruel to the mortals that they interact with, causing them to dance until their death or being stuck in a fae ring. If you encounter a faerie make sure that you do not say their name, as this will give them power over you. Instead you can ask them what their nickname is, but do not be surprised if they do not tell you.