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September 12, 2023

What Is a Data Entry Clerk?

Data entry clerks help ensure that the information a business collects and processes is accurate, organized, and accessible. They use a variety of technological tools to enter and manage large amounts of sometimes confusing data. They also communicate with a range of people within and beyond their teams, so they must possess good written and verbal communication skills.

The responsibilities of a data entry clerk can vary depending on the industry and organization where they work. However, most data clerks must perform a number of similar tasks. This includes gathering documents, extracting information from these materials, and capturing this data into databases. They may also have to store hard copies of these documents. They may also be responsible for creating and processing reports. Some data clerks, especially those working in healthcare, must be able to handle sensitive information. This might involve verifying account codes or entering patient demographics. Other responsibilities might include handling calls and correspondence, monitoring schedules or office supply inventory, and completing support tasks for staff as needed.

Some companies hire full-time data entry clerks to fill positions that require a regular, 40-hour work week. Others prefer to use freelancers to fulfill these roles. This can be a great way for candidates to build their portfolio of skills and demonstrate that they can meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

Getting a job as a data entry clerk requires a combination of formal qualifications, including education and training. Additional qualifications include strong typing speed, and a capacity to process a wide range of textual and numerical data.