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September 13, 2023

What is a Cut Sheet?

In construction, where precision and effective communication are paramount, the cut sheet is an invaluable tool that serves as a snapshot of crucial information for stakeholders in various phases of the project. From architects and engineers to contractors and suppliers, cut sheets enable the smooth flow of work by providing essential insights in an easily digestible format.

What is a cut sheet?

A cut sheet (also known as a spec sheet or equipment information sheet) is a document that provides and describes the specifications of a piece of electrical equipment. For example, a liquid-filled transformer cut sheet may list its product type, primary voltage, secondary voltage, kVA rating, applications, and other relevant technical specifications.

The process of creating a cut sheet begins with gathering all the relevant information and images of a particular product or system. The next step is designing the layout and formatting of the document, followed by populating it with the gathered information. Finally, the document is reviewed and edited before finalizing and distributing it to the intended recipients.

While they can be useful resources, cut sheets are not a replacement for a full 3-Part specification section. For example, if a manufacturer wants their products to be included in a specific design, they will need to submit an equipment schedule that lists the model number of the product as well as alternate models that meet the same requirements and features. This can be a time-consuming process, so it’s important that manufacturers are prepared for this eventuality.