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September 12, 2023

What Is a Buckle Bunny?

A buckle bunny is a woman who follows the rodeo circuit and seeks to meet cowboys. The name comes from the large belt buckles that cowboy competitors receive after winning events. The women may be called groupies, but they are a special type of groupie that follows the rodeo world and seeks intimate relationships with cowboys.

While some people see buckle bunnies as gold-diggers who are interested only in the money that the rodeo world provides, many of them are genuinely attracted to the rugged cowboy lifestyle and the men who live it. These women can be found at every rodeo cheering on their favorite cowboys and hoping to catch their eye. Many of them dress in provocative outfits and flirt shamelessly to attract the attention of a cowboy.

Buckle bunnies are also known to be very loyal, which is important for a sport where traveling can be difficult on a relationship. They often help their cowboy partners with chores and cooking, which is helpful for the rodeo cowboys whose days are filled with riding and roping. They also know how to show their affection in public, whether it's holding hands at the movies or kissing each other at a rodeo event.

There are several dangers associated with being a buckle bunny, including the possibility of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. These women are often forced to put themselves in compromising situations to meet cowboys, which can lead to sexual assault or other forms of violence. It's essential for women considering this lifestyle to be fully aware of the risks involved and to take precautions to avoid being victimized.