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September 12, 2023

What Happens When a More Qualified Person Arrives on Scene?

Have you ever wondered what happens when a more qualified person arrives on scene? In this article, we will explore factors like incident complexity, responsibilities, and leadership that influence the decision-making process when a more skilled individual comes on board. We’ll also dive into ICS, the Incident Command System that ensures clear communication and coordination during an emergency or significant incident by establishing a chain of command for efficient decision-making.

The more-qualified person may have options based on agency guidelines; these include assuming command or maintaining the existing hierarchy of command. The more-qualified person must assess the complexity of the situation, including the potential risks and impact to people or infrastructure. The more-qualified person can then use their experience and expertise to make informed decisions while delegating tasks or responsibilities to those less-qualified. The more-qualified person can offer guidance and mentorship to the less-qualified individual, fostering a culture of collaboration for successful incident management.

It is important to note that overqualified applicants can still be disgruntled in their role if they feel stagnant and unchallenged. To prevent this, it is a good idea to interview candidates extensively and thoroughly to ensure they will be happy in the role you have open. This can be accomplished by digging into their past experiences in previous roles to see if they enjoyed their time there, what made them leave, and how those aspects compare to the possibilities of your open role. This will allow you to identify if the candidate is truly overqualified and help them find happiness in their new role.