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September 12, 2023

What Eats a Hawk?

A hawk is one of the most deadly creatures in the wild. With their keen sense of sight, they perch on everything from skyscrapers to lamp posts and trees. They are often the hunter, but sometimes they can also become the hunted. There are many predators that can turn a hawk into dinner, including snakes, foxes, and coyotes. The best way for these predators to kill a hawk is through ambush, or hiding and waiting for the bird to come by. This type of strategy can be particularly effective for prey that is difficult to catch on foot, like adult hawks.

Another common method for these predators to kill a raptor is through pursuit, or actively chasing them while they are in the air or on the ground. This is usually more effective for prey that is faster and more agile than the raptor. For example, a coyote will not typically go after a mature hawk, but they may eat an injured one if they can. Coyotes are less picky eaters and tend to go after smaller mammals than birds, such as rabbits, but if a hawk happens to get caught in their trap, they will be lunch!

Seeing a hawk in your life can symbolize that you have long-term goals that you want to accomplish. The hawk’s patience and calculated action is a perfect example of the balance of intuitive feminine energies and active masculine energies necessary to bring your visions into fruition.