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May 16, 2023

What Does a Rose Mean on Hinge?

what does a rose mean on hinge

Your Hingle profile stands out among others! As you swipe away, trying to find your ideal match, a profile that stands out catches your eye: they share interests with you, have fantastic photos, and appear like they could be it. But now how do you show that interest? Will sending likes, comments or roses suffice? Here is some guidance as you decide the best approach and learn what a rose means on hinge.

Hinge has introduced the Roses feature, allowing you to express your interest in someone without using Super Likes on Tinder. Roses work similarly, except they only accrue once per week instead of collecting over time. Roses appear atop your matches' profiles in the Likes You deck with either a red heart icon or speech bubble icon representing them - these may help set yourself apart amongst competitors; just make sure that they don't become an expensive habit! Using Roses sparingly may stand out amongst competitors - otherwise they could cost you far more than intended!

To use a Rose, simply tap on the Like button beside someone's photo. A pop-up window will appear asking if you would like to "Send a rose." If there are none left for this week's usage, you have two options - wait until next Sunday or upgrade your account and gain more likes!