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February 7, 2023

What Does A Raccoon Nest Look Like?

What Does A Raccoon Nest Look Like?

In nature, raccoons are opportunistic feeders that are constantly looking for small spaces that offer them shelter, warmth and an easy food source. Once they have located a spot that provides them with this, they make it their own.

They take advantage of abandoned burrows, natural cavities in trees and hollowed logs or even below rock crevices and brush piles to build dens. They also use old buildings, sheds and chimneys as nesting spots.

Where Are Raccoons Often Found?

Raccoons can live anywhere, but they prefer to live near streams, ponds and shorelines where they can find fish, crayfish, clams and waterfowl. They also find shelter and food in wooded areas, especially at night.

The best way to know if a raccoon is nesting is to listen for squeals and whines. This is a sure sign that there are baby raccoons (called kits) in the area and you will need to act quickly.

You will hear raccoons snarling, hissing, scratching and making noise around your home or shed during mating season. Then, once mating season has ended, the raccoons will become quieter and begin to squeal again as they seek out a new nest to lay their eggs in.

If you do find raccoons in your attic, call a professional raccoon removal company to remove them safely and efficiently. These experts are knowledgeable and trained in identifying raccoon nests, finding the young raccoons and trapping them. They will also be able to help you prevent future problems.