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September 12, 2023

What Does a Cardinal Sound Like?

Cardinals are known to be some of the best-singing birds in North America. Their beautiful song is loved by many and often used to represent hope and love. However, not many people know that cardinal bird calls and singing serve a purpose beyond creating beautiful music. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the sounds of the cardinal and what they mean.

The most common cardinal sound is a short whistling call that is usually repeated over and over again. Both male and female cardinals use these sounds to communicate with one another throughout the day. For instance, they will often sing different songs back and forth during mating rituals to strengthen their bond. They will also use these sounds to signal a desire for food from their mate. Young cardinals will also initiate begging bird sounds, which are a way of letting their parents know that they need help.

Besides these calls, cardinals will often make loud, metallic chipping noises. They may use these calls when they are defending their territory or warning off predators. They will also make these sounds when a mate approaches their nest to feed their eggs or young birds. There is a slightly softer variant of this chipping sound that the desert cardinal (Cardinalis pyrrhuloxia) makes.

Interestingly, Cardinals can make as many as 200 different calls per hour! Regardless of the specific sound, all of these calls have a significant meaning. This is because they are a way for them to communicate important information to other cardinals that share the same territory.