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September 12, 2023

What Do You Call a Duck That Steals?

Ducks are innocent animals and they don’t steal anything. They can only snatch fellow ducks food but nothing else. But in jokes and riddles they are blamed for stealing things like answers of maths worksheets, keys or bills. It is not fair to blame such innocent birds for such silly things. These are just jokes that kids love and they should not be taken seriously.

If you have a kid at home then you must try these funny duck puns that will make them laugh out loud. They are sure to give you a chuckle as well. You can also read these funny duck puns for adults to have a good time and lighten up your day.

What do you call a duck that steals?

The ducks that steals are known as the robber ducks or naughty ducks. It’s a common joke that if you see a duck in your house it must be a robber or naughty one.

It is impossible to have a duck without a bill. Ducks have bills in their mouth that are essential for eating and they can’t survive or live if they don’t have it. If you see a duck at the restaurant and it refuses to pay the bill that means it’s broke or run down of money. So, it’s a joke that if you see a duck without a bill then it must be a robber or not a naughty one.