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September 12, 2023

What Do You Call a Bear With No Teeth?

Dad jokes are taking over social media, and they're hilarious thanks to their simplicity and wordplay. One dad joke that's been circling the internet is what do you call a bear with no teeth? It's a pun that plays off of the gummy bears fruit gum candy that are shaped like bears.

While most bears have teeth, there are some that don't, including anteaters and baleen whales. Both animals have long tongues that are adapted for consuming insects and other food items, so teeth aren't necessary for their diets. In addition to relying on wordplay and simple concepts for humor, most dad jokes have universal relatability. This makes them a great way to share amusement with people from all walks of life. You could even use a what do you call a bear with no ears joke in a variety of situations to help others smile and lighten up.