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September 12, 2023

What Comes Once in a Year, Twice in a Month, Six Times in a Day?

Riddles are the amusing queries posted to people randomly to make them think and come up with phenomenal answers. It is important to encourage people to think logically as it helps them to be optimistic about the problems they face in daily life. They also help to increase thinking, listening and significantly increase the logical thinking skills of the person.

There are many different riddles that can be found on the internet and each one challenges people in a unique way. Some are easy, some are tricky, and others require a lot of thought and time to solve. One of the most popular riddles is the question: What comes once in a year, twice in a month, four times in a week, and six times in a day? This riddle has been puzzling people for years, and there have been a variety of methods used to try and solve it. Some have used math, some have used calendars, and others have simply tried to use their own intuition.

While some may try to use mathematical formulas or dates to solve this riddle, these methods do not provide an accurate answer. It is important to remember that a year does not have an exact number of days, and the Gregorian calendar makes adjustments for this by inserting leap days. This helps the calendar stay synchronized with astronomical events and seasons, which do not repeat exactly every year. The correct answer to this riddle is the letter E, which comes once in a year, twice in the month, and four times in the week.