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September 12, 2023

What Comes Once in a Year Twice in a Month Four Times in a Week and Six Times in a Day?

Riddles are fun questions randomly sent to people to test their logic skills and think outside the box. They are also a great way to boost one’s logical thinking abilities and improve their problem-solving skills. The question “What comes once in a year twice in a month four times in a week and six times in a day?” is one such riddle that has been puzzling everyone around the world for years.

Many people have used different methods to solve this riddle. Some have used mathematics, others have tried using calendars, and some have even tried word association. However, none of these have given the right answer.

The answer to this riddle is odd numbers. Many people may not understand why this is the case, but let us break it down.

One Year: In a year, the number 1 appears only once. This means that there are only 12 months with the number 1. Twice in a Month: In each month, there are 4 weeks. The first and fourth week both have the letter ’F’, which means that two ’F’s occur in each month. Four Times in a Week: In each week, there are 7 days. The first and seventh days both have the letter ’F’, so they come together twice in each week. Six Times in a Day: In 24 hours, there are 6 distinct hours with the letter ’F’. This means that if you count these hours, there are 6 ‘F’s occurring in a day.