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September 12, 2023

What a Time Lyrics by Christina Michaels

What a time lyrics explore the idea that life is ticking away and people aren't doing much with it. It is a wistful song that tells the story of a love that turned sour as it grew into adulthood. The singer is wishing for the youth of her past partner as she reminisces about all of their adventures together.

The song features a guest appearance by Niall Horan, who is able to add the emotional weight that is necessary for the track. He is a great compliment to Michaels' vocals as they blend seamlessly on the track. The two artists are able to capture some of the most intense feelings of a breakup on this track.

Michaels first performed this song when she opened for Maroon 5 on their Red Pill Blues Tour in 2018. She released it as a single later that year as part of her Inner Monologue Part 1 album. The song's music video was directed by Boni Mata and features a couple of Michaels and Horan look-alikes sitting back to back in an apartment overgrown with flowers. As the song progresses, Michaels begins to cry as she reminisces about their romance and the good times they had together.

This song is a modern interpretation of Sublime's 1996 song "Doin' Time," which itself was influenced by George Gershwin's "Summertime." The opening lines, "Summertime and the living's easy" sets the scene for a lighthearted summer romance, but this breeziness contrasts with the more melancholic story that follows. The lyric, "The second hand unwinds and the drum beats out of time" was inspired by a backwards-winding watch that Cyndi Lauper's producer had in his studio.