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October 13, 2023

Wasteland 2 Ag Center Fans

The Agricultural Center is a large experimental farm where scientists and other personnel work to breed plants and animals that can better survive the Arizona wasteland. It is home to a variety of strange mutant fauna and flora. The Rangers receive a distress call from this location indicating that the plants and their inhabitants are being overrun by mutant creatures. The player can choose to rescue this area or destroy it. Depending on whether the player assists Highpool first or visits the Ag Center second entering this location will automatically destroy Highpool.

The players are dispatched to the Agricultural Center from Ranger Citadel after receiving a message that it's been infested with mutant creatures. Upon arriving they will see a body that exploded and a group of mutated wildlife. After moving past them the players will find Dr. Larsen laying on the ground. He will feign ignorance at first but once the players begin talking with him he will openly reveal his role in the disaster and how iron monks instructed him to lure the Desert Rangers there. Attempting to attack him will trigger combat.

Combat in Wasteland 2 is turn-based on a per-character basis, making it a good fit for console and handheld play. While it can be a bit repetitive at times due to the limited number of moves available per turn and the fact that the action uses up all of a character's action points, it is still quite enjoyable. The weapons have a lot of different effects and the sound design is well done. The ability to target a specific enemy with a particular type of weapon adds a nice tactical element to combat.