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September 8, 2023

Wake N Bakery Expands Its Menu

wake n bakery

Wake N Bakery, an irreverent Lake View neighborhood coffee shop and bakery famed for its viral tiktoks, announced this week it is expanding its menu to offer Delta 8 THC-infused cakes, cookies, prerolls and edibles. In addition, seating will be added at both its Wicker Park and suburban Northbrook locations to enable it to host more entertainment events while remaining more competitive with other consumption lounges popping up throughout Northern Illinois.

Lakeview location of Wake N Bakery features an inviting, laid-back atmosphere perfect for relaxing after Cubs games or an early morning espresso drink and scone. Since opening at the start of 2020 under former medical professional owner Nicole Banks who understands Farm Bill language governing Delta-8 THC products infused coffees, teas, lemonades and baked goods like pies cookies and pistachio creme brulee (all technically legal! ). Owner Nicole Banks hopes that by spreading her message as far as possible.