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October 14, 2023

Verizon Ringback Tone Promo Codes

Verizon Wireless has partnered with Slacker Radio to allow customers to customize their caller ID ringtone and ringback tone (the song that plays for people who call your phone) to a song or station from the popular online radio service. The new ringback tone service is available for two dollars per month.

Verizon is introducing a new feature that lets customers set customized music and other purchased recordings to play when someone calls their wireless devices. The company called the service Ringback Tones and it is now being offered in select markets. The monthly fee and the cost for each tone appear on the customer’s monthly bill. Verizon plans to expand the service nationwide throughout 2005.

Hi mekrall. It depends if you are changing the "general" ringtone for all calls or a custom ringtone for an individual Contact. If it's the former you can open the Settings app on your device, tap Sounds then Ringtone. There should be a checkmark next to your current choice. To change it, touch the selection and choose what you want. You can also hear a sample of each choice by touching it.

Yes, Verizon offers discounts regularly. From trade-in deals to a student/education discount and even free phones for veterans and first responders, you can find savings across a wide range of Verizon products and services. Keep an eye on the Verizon website for frequent updates on discounts, sales, and promo codes. The company also often offers rewards for switching to a new device or plan when you bring your own phone and keep your contacts, phone settings, and numbers.