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October 13, 2023

Vava 4K Dash Cam Review

The vava 4k dash cam is designed to let you safely document your driving adventures in high-quality video. The camera combines simplicity and flexibility with the ability to capture footage from both the front and rear of your vehicle.

The camera can record continuous looping footage at different lengths and resolutions depending on your preferred settings. Deleted video, images and travel logs can be retrieved by selecting them from the mobile app or removing the memory card and connecting it to a computer. The cam can be hardwired directly into your car's 12v power supply or a USB port (the latter allows you to record while the engine is turned off).

This model features a high-grade, wide dynamic range image sensor that offers superior performance in low-light conditions. You can choose to record both cameras at 1080p, or focus on the front camera and boost it to 1440p for smoother and more detailed footage. The camera also features a 320 mAh built-in battery that works with the dash cam's parking mode to monitor your car's surroundings when it is not in use, recording 15 seconds of footage when it detects sudden shake or movement.

The cam is easy to set up, with a magnetic mount that clips to the windshield and a USB cable that connects to both the car's power adapter and the camera itself. It doesn't include an SD card, so you'll need to supply a microSD one. The camera doesn't support smaller cards and may complain if you try to use an older one, so it is recommended that you stick a 16GB or higher card in there.