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October 13, 2023

Toshiba Satellite Radius 14 E45W C4200x Laptop Review

If you’re shopping for a laptop that can work well as both a tablet and a notebook, the toshiba satellite radius 14 e45w c4200x is worth considering. This Toshiba offers great specs and a nice design for $500. While it may not be as powerful as a more expensive 2-in-1, most office and content creation users should find it more than adequate.

In our tests the Radius 14's Core i5-5015U chip worked very well, completing tasks and running games smoothly. Its maximum Dynamic Frequency is 850MHz, which is a bit lower than other mid-range Intel Core notebooks we've tested lately, but it may provide better thermal headroom for the chip's graphics.

The island-style keyboard is spacious enough for comfortable typing, and includes a function key row that gives you fast access to the screen brightness, Wi-Fi, and volume controls. But the keys are smaller than average, and serious typists will want to consider other models.

Another small issue is that the Radius's mechanical hard drive is slow, with data access times of 20 milliseconds or more. That's a lot slower than an SSD, and can feel sluggish if you open multiple programs at once.

This model's battery lasted for more than half a day in our video playback test, which is very good for this price range. Its low power draw helps keep it cool and quiet, too. It never got warmer than room temperature and its fan rarely kicked in during our tests, with only the slightest purr when it was under heavy load.